Jasmine Thai

My son a foodie and great cook told me about this little place, JASMINE THAI.  I’ve been there twice now for lunch. I love the Tom Yum soup with the kafir leaf. It has both strong and delicate citrus flavors served in an unusually shaped bowl. We also ordered the Spicy noodle dish which was a little oily but not heavy or greasy feeling with a rich delicate well balanced flavor.  The Garlic black pepper chicken was very light, the vegetables cooked perfectly retaining the brightness in color . The presentation is very attractive because the plate is not overfilled, which leaves space for pretty shredded garnish and a flower which I love.

The JASMINE THAI on Dale Mabry is different, much more ornate and the food seemed heavier in my memory. I really like the lightness and freshness of this Brandon location.

The room itself is nicely decorated, though not elaborately and looks simple and tidy. Even the hall, service station and restrooms are clean and maintained. The wait staff wears traditional clothing which adds an attractive splash of color and authenticity. It’s not fancy but it is nice, I want to try dinner to see how the ambiance changes and what the evening lighting looks like.

They don’t have a paper To Go menu, and when referred to their web site the links don’t work.
What would I do to kick this up a notch? Not much, just needs a little contrast, but it’s clean and pleasant and the food is good.
I give it an 81/2 out of 10 in the Brandon Bubble.


Menu Shots

Jasmine Thai Wine LIst

Jasmine Thai Lunch Menu

Jasmine Thai Lunch Menu

Jasmine Thai on Urbanspoon

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