Hong Kong Chinese in Seffner

There are so many of these basic Chinese places around. They all seem to have the same menu, they must buy them by the ship ton load. This restaurant is typical in that respect, but I would say it’s in the upper 25% for food taste and quality. I’ve been there during off hours and saw them prepping food, chopping onions, vegetables and chicken, which is great because that tells me that they don’t just get a preserved food service bag and throw that together. Personally I love the Curry chicken, probably because I love onions and they are so fresh!  The white rice is just right, not dried out and crunchy.  I’ve tried a number of items on the menu and will be listing them shortly. My husband always chooses the Seafood platter and this one has the “fake fish” like everyone else but not too much (unlike some) and the scallops and shrimps are perfectly cooked. I have ordered take out for over 7 years and it’s pretty consistent, it’s basic Chinese but sometimes that just hits the spot!  They also deliver under certain guidelines. The dining space is limited and not cozy for dining at all, but it’s a fantastic carry out place.
I give Hong Kong China  6 out of ten  (an 8 out of 10 for food quality)


Hong Kong Chinese on Urbanspoon</a

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