China Fuji Valrico

I was curious to revisit China Fuji located in the strip mall next to Sweetbay. We have been coming here for years and have seen three owners come and go. I ordered spicy roll and octopus.   It appeared to me that China Fuji has become almost entirely a carry out store. I saw hardly anyone stay there for a meal. It was funny because we were the only ones seated in the dining room and the waitress was slow serving and apologised because she was too busy. We just had to laugh at that nice little bizarre moment.  It’s a great place for a quick take out if you’re on the way home and it’s on the way, but the atmosphere isn’t what it used to be years ago, it was phenomenal then, now it’s ok. The food is still good however and I’ll continue to go there.

I give China Fuji a 8 out of 10 on The Brandon Bubble scale.

China Fuji Dining room

China Fuji Sushi Bar

Spicy roll and octopus at China Fuji

sushi at China Fuji

China Fuji Tom Yum Soup

China Fuji Tom Yum Soup Shrimp

China Fuji Website

China Fuji on Urbanspoon

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