Tsunami Restaurant

More and more Sushi places are springing up in Brandon. They have even sprung at the seafood counter at Publix. A good number of the chinese restaurants are offering sushi was well. Tsunami is a pretty little restaurant just east of the shopping mall in Brandon.  I arrived just at opening time after a grueling shopping day. Already there were a few couples in the restaurant and it was only 5 minutes after the 2:00 opening hour. It’s a nicely decorated space with a predominantly wood and ebony decor. My waiter was very efficient and friendly. I ordered the spicy sushi roll and octopus sashimi on rice. It was beautifully served and easy to handle with lots of fresh ginger which I love. The spicy sauce was spread attractively around the plate so you could use the amount that pleases you. Lunch was $10.00  and I would go back as I think it’s attractive and well priced.
I give Tsunami and 71/2 out of 10 on the Brandon Bubble scale.

Tsunami exterior

Tsunami interior

Tsunami interior

Tsunami table settng

Tsunami spicy roll and octopus

Tsunami menu

Tsunami Website
Mobile delivery
Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill on Urbanspoon

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