Sabor A Mexico

We have frequented Sabor a Mexico since it opened. There have been some ups and downs. Most of the time the fare was basic Americanized Mexican fare. Nothing at all like real food in Mexico where most everything was so fresh and well seasoned. I can still remember the jicama cart and the bag of delicious crunchy sticks of jicama soaking in citrus and chili pepper.
Tonight we had the specials and combinations; Burrito a la Diabla and El Pancho Villa with enchilada and chili relleno and quesadilla. There seemed to be a better management staff here this time as things ran smoothly and I could see someone was paying attention to details. The food was hot as it was served and the service itself was efficient and timely.  I like a fresh vegetable somewhere and this meal lacked even that little bit of shredded lettuce and tomato.The rice and beans were average not very seasoned, I liked the sprinkle of cheese on the beans. The chili relleno was a poblano blown up with a very runny cheese that flowed all over the plate as soon as I cut into it, had I known that I would have ordered one for an appetizer and dipped the chips in cheese and salsa!
Overall, it’s a basic little Mexican joint that compels you to eat uninspired comfort food anyway.
I would rate this experience 6  out of 10.

Sabor a Mexico outdoor seating

Sabor a Mexico dining

Sabor a Mexico chips and salsa

Burrito and quesadilla

Sabor a Mexico Enchilada and Chili Relleno

Sabor a Mexico Enchilada and Chili Relleno

Sabor a Mexico menu

 Sabor a Mexico Website

Sabor a Mexico on Urbanspoon

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