Tandoor Indian Restaurant

I want to try everything on their menu! We brought half our dinner home after ordering what we thought were going to be small portions because everything on the menu was ala carte.
We ordered the Shrimp Sag Mild and Goat Vindaloo Hot with Naan on the side. We were given a basket of bread chips and three chutneys: a mint based fresh green chutney, sweet savory pickled onions, and a tamarind sweet one. I preferred the mint and loved the pickled onions, just the right amount of sour and savory with the bready chips. Delightful!  The service was good and we lacked for nothing. The entrée’s arrived hot with a dish of basmati rice hot and well cooked. The shrimp was a creamy rich dish that was very satisfying. The Goat Vindaloo was at the top end of my heat tolerance. I think that if I ordered the Indian Hot,  I would have just burned with no taste.
I plan to try many other items on the menu, especially some of the vegetarian and pancake dishes. The tables are set nicely with cloth napkins and nice china plates.
One cautionary note:  the goat dish has bones, some as small as a green pea and some gristle.
What would I do to kick it up a notch? Soft wall wash can lighting would give it the little extra glow that the pendants don’t quite provide. I look forward to my next visit.
I give this restaurant a 7 out of 10 with bones, 81/2 out of 10 with out  ;-)

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor Indian Restaurant chutney & chips

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Goat Vindaloo

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Shrimp Sag

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

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