Village Inn Brandon

Every day we went out to breakfast when we vacationed in Clearwater with my parents. They cherished this diversion from their little motel business and treated their wait staff like family who in turn made sure their eggs were “beautiful”.   Every block held restaurants which catered to tourists and locals and they had their favorites.  
Breakfast places are not so plentiful in Brandon. Today finishing errands in that part of town we targeted The Village Inn on Lumsden. It was busy and the service a bit slow but pleasant. As it was almost lunch time we ordered the club sandwich on rye. It was alright, nothing special. I tasted the cheese and mayo more than the bacon, lettuce, tomato and ham which I would have preferred. What I like about Village Inn is that it’s very much a family place, today filled with kids, teens, families and Grannys which is very comforting to me. Village Inn fills a niche in Brandon.

Village Inn

Village Inn

Village Inn club sandwich

Village Inn club sandwich

Village Inn on Urbanspoon

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